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    Things to do and not to do on the Test Day for your IELTS Exam

    The IELTS Exam is a prestigious exam designed to test a candidate’s proficiency in English as a language. Just like any other exam, this one also comes with its own share of stress and anxiety. We all are aware of how preparing for the IELTS exam from mentors such as 8bands.com can be really helpful. But just like the exam if you are prepared for the test day as well, the journey becomes much smoother. So, here are a few tried and tested tips to help you in your IELTS Exam. Tips to consider on the test day for IELTS exam Just like any other exam, it is advised for…

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    The Best Way to Score 8 bands in IELTS Exam – Tested Method by 8bands.com

    For anyone appearing in IELTS Exam, scoring 8 bands is a dream come true or a milestone one would like to realize. But it is something that comes with a lot of consistent practice and constantly upgrading one’s skills. Before we discuss any further on how to get 8 bands in IELTS Exam, let us understand what it is. What does ‘8 bands in IELTS Exam’ mean? When referring to 8 bands in the IELTS exam, we are discussing the score in the prestigious examination. Some of the best schools around the globe expect you to have a score of 7 but getting a score of 8 will give you…

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    IELTS Exam Success: 5 Proven Preparation Methods for Assured Victory

    If you are looking for a successful career in a foreign land, it becomes possible with IELTS exam or International English Language Testing System, a test that will only check your proficiency in English as a language. It might be easy for some but for non-native speakers, it is often a hard nut to crack. Either way, if English as a language makes you uncomfortable and you are looking for some genuine guidance to ace the scores in your IELTS Test, we have got you some help. 5 Tips and Techniques to crack the IELTS exam successfully Here are some very common, general yet useful tips that will help you…

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    Time Management for your CD IELTS Exam – Tips for All Sections

    An IELTS Exam is as much about time management as it is about English. So if you keep working on becoming proficient in English as a language but fail to manage time, you will fail miserably. Anyone preparing for the prestigious examination will know that it lasts for 2 hours and 45 minutes and it is not an easy task to time your mental and physical self to for the said duration. But remember, we are saying ‘it is not easy’ and not, ‘it is not possible!’ Best Tips for Time Management in CD IELTS Exam With consistent practice and a lot of hard work, one can get the desired…

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    How to Self-study for the CD IELTS Exam?

    When planning to go for higher studies and in colleges abroad, students are expected to appear for an exam that vouches for their expertise in English. What this means is that a candidate must be aware of the tonality and the accent of the British English language. Hence, the need for an exam. CD IELTS exam is a standard exam conducted across the globe and is accepted by most of the schools, universities, etc. In fact, employees when moving from a country that doesn’t have first language English to an English-native nation must present their IELTS score to be eligible to work in a foreign organization. If you are among…

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    How to Get a Perfect Overall Score in The CD IELTS Exam?

    International English Language Testing System or IELTS, the very popular English exam conducted to certify the English speaking skills of a candidate can now be taken at the pace of your home. The prevailing pandemic crisis caused a major setback for the students as physical centers conducting the exam were temporarily shut. They need to practice social distancing further forced students to travel to places where physical examinations were still an option. Taking into consideration the above, the best way to host the examination was to migrate the physical infrastructure to an online platform. This is what we call as CD IELTS. Even though this isn’t a new concept and…