IELTS academic listening and general both have the same format in the exam

For all the listening questions, you will hear the recording once and you can write down the answer directly on the computer. You can practice listening with the online CD IELTS practice test to improve your overall listening scores. The total time for IELTS academic and general listening will be 40 minutes.


Pattern of Questions

Fill in the blanks

In this type of question, you need to choose the correct answer from the given options. There will be multiple choice single answer, as well as multiple-choice multiple answers during the exam.

Required Skills for IELTS Listening

Try to improve your listening skills by watching online videos with a different accent

Improve your spellings

Move on to the next question, if you missed the answers in the sequence

Always read the instruction carefully before starting any answers

Try to write answers on the question sheet, don’t directly write on the answer sheet

Develop the skills where you can read, write, and listen at the same time

Expert tips for IELTS Listening

  • Adjust volume in order to listen to audios clearly
  • Be careful that audios are played once only
  • Use erasable note pad to note down the point
  • Be clear and precise with your response