IELTS reading consists of 3 parts having around 40 questions of the total

No extra time will be given to transfer the answer. There are 11 different question types in the IELTS reading, where you need to perform it by reading the instruction carefully.


Pattern of Questions

Identify the information (True/False or Not given)

For this question type, you will have to read the passage and find out whether the statement given is True, False, or it is not given in the passage. A False answer means it is the opposite of what is given in the passage. While the Not Given means, the information is not present in the passage.

Required skills for IELTS General Reading

Develop the technique of skimming and scanning

Try making habit of reading long academic articles to improve your reading speed

Manage time effectively to complete the task in the given time

Look for the key point in the passage to skim the unnecessary details

Increase your range of vocabulary to get an idea about the context of the paragraph

Improve your grammar to help you choose the correct answers

Expert tips for IELTS General Reading

  • Use skipping and skimming techniques
  • Read academic articles to speed up your reading
  • Develop the pool of academic vocabulary
  • Imply the trick by practicing CD IELTS test