IELTS academic writing consists of 2 Tasks

Task 1 is consists of describing the graph, diagram, or chart. For Task 2, you have to write an essay with a given time. The topic may range from academic to current affairs topics.


Pattern of Questions

Describe Image, Graph, Table, or Diagram

For Task 1, you will be given 20 minutes to describe the given item. You will have to at least write 150 words to full fill the task. Make sure you are highlighting the key point of the given image. You can write a response in your own words.

Required Skills for IELTS Academic Writing

Use a wide range of academic vocabulary

Avoid grammatical errors

Use complex and compound sentence cautiously

Use enough paragraphs to explain any topic in the essay writing

Avoid usage of informal language

Try to fulfill the task which is mentioned in the essay writing

Expert tips for IELTS Academic Writing

  • Use erasable notepad
  • Keep writing for improvement
  • Use Time efficiently
  • Try to build your own template