IELTS general writing consists of 2 Tasks

You need to write a letter, advertisements, or a memo for Task 1. For Task 2, you need to write an essay in proper structure with correct grammar and sentence. You can start practicing the IELTS general writing by giving the practice test to get the feeling of a real exam.


Pattern of Questions

Letter or Advertisement writing

You have to write a formal or informal letter for a given topic. Your response will be judge based on grammar, structure, and spelling. You will have 20 minutes to complete this task. You can write up to 150 words.

Required Skills for IELTS General Writing

Write related to the topic

Proper structure of the essay with enough paragraphs

Don’t overlook the grammar and spellings

Develop a habit of writing daily one essay within the time limit

Choose different topics for writing an essay in which you feel uncomfortable

Try to write a few complex sentences to fetch more marks

Expert tips for IELTS General Writing

  • Use erasable notepad
  • Keep writing for improvement
  • Use Time efficiently
  • Try to build your own template